• What is Look Ouch?
  • A social media platform that helps young creatives find the right people for art projects in order to make ideas happen through collaborations. 

  • Why do we created Look Ouch?
  • There is a real lack or void in the creative industry, specially for beginning artists. They need a starting point, a place for all those who are looking for collaborators but haven´t yet developped a real network or a generous curriculum for themselves. Young creatives only know a few amount of people around them at the beggining of their careers, people who like them are just beginning, so the need of an online meeting point for young creatives, technical collaborators and art projects is therefor not only urgent, but luckily also tangible with our solution. We want to change that situation, or at least accelerate the process. With so many great ideas and creatives around the world, we just need to build the online meeting point needed to make happen their projects become reality, a place where all creatives will join and unite to help and make things happen, openning a bunch of new opportunities for everyone interested in arts.

  • What's the solution?
  • The solution is the launch of a social media platform that will work as an online meeting point for creatives and art projects. For the ones who are looking for creatives, projects, schools or institutions they can search by creative field and geographical area in the gallery. They can post an invitation or apply for a project with a single click. The application process to collaborate on the project happens online, the creative will be able to access the portfolios of the applicants and also talk with them, so, they can easily and oficially select the creative chosen to collaborate.
  • What do I need to create a profile page?
  • Just simply fill the form with your name, birthday, country, city, email, password or login through Facebook and Twitter, and it’s done.

  • I added one work but cannot get the portfolio started?
  • To get the portfolio starting you need to add at least one work and write a short and longer one description of yourself.

  • I have no experience but wish to work and learn with an artist that I found in Look Ouch, what can I do?
  • You must present at least one work online to get access to the portfolio area. The more you personalize your portfolio, making it look interesting, the more chances you have on being followed back and then access our service of private messages. Only then, you may talk directly with the artist that you are interested in.
  • Video
  • To add a video you need to upload it on Youtube or Vimeo at first, then copy paste the link on the section Settings → Add Work → Add Video

  • Music
  • To add a song you need to upload it on Soundcloud at first, then copy paste the Soundcloud widget code on the section Settings → Add Work → Add Music

  • Picture
  • The picture file format accepted are jpg, jpeg and png with a maximum of 3 MB, except the Portfolio cover that can be reach 8 MB.

  • Resume
  • Only PDF formats are accepted.