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OLEG OPRISCO // New Surreal Portraits
In modern day times its hard to avoid completely the newest digital advances made and sold to the world, thanks to the powerful machine that's advertising (and the hunger to try something new). However there are still a few nostalgic lovers who prefer to follow the old ways and explore the use of film and analog photography.

Oleg Oprisco is one of them.

From the small town of Lviv, in Ukraine, this 26 year old photographer takes some stunning and unique photographs with his old but very dear soviet cameras, a Kiev 6C and a Kiev 88. You may have seen a few of them.

By Diana Cardoso | 2014-04-24 09:18:13
The main themes of his work revolve around ethereal, fairytale and surreal scenes, built and set in real landscapes, aided with props and clothes that he buys at flea markets or old studios, and the beautiful models itself.
The result its as close as the real thing, since each frame its carefully thought and constructed to be exactly as it looks in the moment its taken.