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REBECCA LOUISE LAW // The Flower Garden Display
REBECCA LOUISE LAW // The Flower Garden Display's
Installation art
Though the long lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon may never be found again, other gardens still arise by the hands and mind of an english installation artist named Rebecca Louise Law.

By Diana Cardoso | 2014-04-30 20:05:28
Known for working with natural materials, mainly composed with beautiful and delicate flowers, this Fine Art trained artist has worked with several fashion brands such as Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Gucci or Max Mara, while creating vibrant floral sets for their runaway shows and video campaigns, as well as exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, with her large-scale installations of hanging flowers.
Currently her work "The Flower Garden Display'd" can be seen at The Garden Museum in London, within the exhibition "Garden & Fashion: Spring/Summer - Autumn/Winter".
Spring is finally here...