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NACHO GUZMAN // See how lightning can dramatically change a face
Caught entirely on camera and without assistance of any visual effects, director and producer Nacho Guzman shows us, with a very low-budget teaser of the music video "Sparkles and Wine" by the French electronic music Group Opale, how color lightning and its direction can dramatically change a face's emotion.

The following video was shot “using a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR and two lenses (a Canon 24-105mm f/4 and a Samyang 35mm f/1.4). The lighting consisted of two 10×10 centimeter LED lights that were fixed to a ring and rotated around the woman’s face, as well as a string of Christmas light-style LEDs.”

The result?
An hypnotic moving light transforming the woman's face and above all, our perception of her state of mind. The morphing is incredible and simple made with a little of practice manipulating the three factors: the color, the direction and the angle of the light.

Start experimenting it yourself according to your film genre or even just for amusement, you can easily switch from comedy, drama and horror.
By Alexia Fernandes | 2014-08-02 14:52:00
Your Face Changes In Different Lightning
Check out the work of Stella Stocker, the astonishing actress performing.
Full Music Video
On his Vimeo page, Guzman thanks "Clouzot and his amazing team for inspiring me" referring to the similar 1964 test footage with Romy Schneider for his unfinished film "L´Enfer".

In the test, the rotating lights were used to create a creepy and psychedelic scene showing the mental state of a jealous husband.